Connected Store

Connected Store is the industry-leading online sales tool that allows shoppers to start the deal at home and finish in the dealership.


Connected Store — a key feature in the new Nissan Website Package — provides your customers with a flexible, time-saving tool for building accurate initial quotes on your inventory based on your business rules.

What if the factors that shape the deal — taxes and fees, credit, dealer and OEM rebates, and trade-in value — were applied online and were consistent when they got to your store? Connected Store saves customers time and seamlessly connects their online experience in store as their accurate data moves to CRM and Desking applications.

Excellent Shopper Experience

Customers expect a simple, fast, online shopping experience. Connected Store delivers with the most accurate and easy-to-use tools.

Competitive Advantage

Nearly 86% of vehicle shoppers said that they would choose a dealership with "buy online"-type features over one without them.

More High-Quality Leads

Auto shoppers are payment driven and price sensitive, so it's no wonder that Connected Store users convert to leads 4x more often.

Operational Efficiency

Connected Store builds efficiency and saves time for dealers because it integrates directly with CRM and Desking applications, so deals move quickly and cleanly through the sales process.

Bring the full power of the showroom to your dealer group portal


Merchandisable Payments

Dynamic Payment Builder


Merchandisable payments put unique and accurate payments front and center.
Dynamic payment builder enables shoppers to build an accurate deal and submit it to the group or dealer.
Integration with front office applications such as CRM and Desking means no multiple logins and no duplication of data entry.