Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Program

Q: Why is Nissan launching an authorized digital program for their dealer network?

A: In today's automotive shopping environment, a consistent Nissan brand image and customer experience is critical to success at the OEM and dealer level. Customers are highly connected, and thanks to companies like Amazon, they are savvy when it comes to online retailing. A higher level of knowledge brings customers with a higher level of expectation. The ability to attract, convert and retain, a customer requires more work than ever before. The standardization and alignment of a digital brand across a network enables crucial data insight, integrations, marketing alignment and advertising efficiencies that Nissan and their dealers can leverage to their advantage. Visibility across the entire Nissan network allows insight into the entire customer journey, truly enabling full view of website performance, industry trends, and benchmarking.

Nissan Program Goals:

  • Streamline digital marketing efforts with automated data services and content syndication
  • Improve the customer experience by providing a consistent and customized shopping journey with enhanced functionality
  • Achieve brand consistency as shoppers move between tier 1 and 3
  • Gain visibility into the complete digital customer journey to track website performance, industry trends and benchmarking to help dealers make smarter, more streamlined marketing decisions
  • Increase opportunities for dealers by focusing on improving key buying actions (i.e. lead to visitor ratio)
  • Create a digital framework for dealers to help support compliancy and minimize branding strikes
  • Provide the highest level of service for dealers with both a single point of contact for your website and digital strategy
  • Deploy an expanded field team, allowing dealers more time with their Digital Marketing Consultants
  • Provide program solutions, pricing and service at a discounted rate

Selecting a single authorized provider ensures that common data is collected from across the network and presented in a format that is clear and actionable.

Nissan is committed to the success of this program and funding integrations and enhancements to create a comprehensive Nissan digital platform with unique capabilities that provide a competitive advantage to Nissan dealers.

Q: Why did Nissan select CDK as the single authorized provider?

A: CDK is the only vendor in the market with the technology to track and connect a customer’s online to offline experience. By choosing CDK, Nissan and dealers will now have unprecedented insight into the customer journey, which will help everyone make smarter choices regarding advertising and business decisions.

CDK offers end-to-end solutions with the top technology and best-in-class service offerings.

Q: What does the Nissan Dealer Website Program include?

A: The Nissan Dealer Website Program offers a comprehensive digital marketing platform with both the traditional features you expect and additional capabilities to drive digital results.

The program includes:

  • Mobile-first responsive design: A Nissan-compliant, fully responsive website, which provides consumers website content that looks great on any device
  • Personalization - Industry-leading “personalization” technology based on shopping behavior — website content changes in real-time based on what we know about shoppers — keeping them engaged with your website longer
  • SEO essentials: Draw customers directly from the search engine results page with an enhanced level of SEO; experienced SEO Specialists optimize your website beyond the home page, focusing on your most important profit centers
  • Connected Store: Online retailing tools built specifically for auto shoppers, right on your website give customers the opportunity to start building their deal online, saving you and them time in the dealership
  • Coordination of marketing initiatives: Receive real-time distribution of Nissan- created assets to help align and support your marketing message
  • Exclusive Nissan integrations: Your website can be configured to automatically receive integrated incentives, window stickers and program-specific content — saving you time
  • ProCare: Your ProCare Specialist, a skilled digital marketing expert, will be the single point of contact for the execution of your digital strategy
  • Dedicated support: Access to dedicated, in-field Digital Marketing Consultants
  • who will continue to provide strategic support, digital marketing knowledge and experience to help maximize your performance

  • Real Data Insight: Understand how your website content and creative work to attract, retain and convert shoppers – and use that content to make decisions

Program Enrollment

Q: Is the Nissan Dealer Website Program mandatory?

A: While we strongly encourage enrollment based on the program value and benefits, including integrations, it is a voluntary program.

Q: When should I sign up for the new program? How do I enroll?

A: We are accepting early enrollments now. Those who enroll early will not have access to all automated data services, integrations and enhancements at this time. They will be able to take advantage of additional value within the program, such as; new responsive site and Nissan design, enhanced SEO, Personalization, Connected Store and ProCare. Leading up to the official launch of the Nissan Dealer Website Program, dealers who enroll early will start to see additional enhancements and integrations.

Q: I am in a contract or cannot enroll now. Is there a penalty if I wait to sign up?

A: While CDK is the authorized provider for the Nissan Dealer Website Program, it is not a mandatory program. In FY18, you will not incur penalties tied to program participation. We understand that you may be beholden to contracts with other providers, so we are announcing the program in advance of the formal launch to give you ample time for transition. Work with your Digital Marketing Consultant (DMC) to notify us when your contract ends, and we will help you develop a transition plan. To transition sooner, let your DMC know about your interest, and CDK will work with you on options.

Q: Who do I call with questions?

A: Contact your Nissan Digital Marketing Consultant with questions. They are here to help you every step of the way.

Technical Questions

Q: Will I keep my approved Nissan URL?

A: Yes, you must continue to use an approved Nissan URL.

Q: If I move my domain to CDK, will my search results suffer?

A: CDK is experienced in minimizing any disruption in rankings or traffic when transitioning from other providers. Implementing redirects provides the search engines with a “map” of consistency from the old to new sites, helping to preserve search equity.

Q: Will I be able to differentiate my store?

A: Yes, to start, there will be multiple ways to build your unique brand. As you continue to work with your ProCare Advocate, you can alter your layouts and customize your content to truly differentiate yourself and your brand.

Q: Today, I pay for a desktop site and a mobile site. How does this program address mobile?

A: Your website will be fully responsive, providing one consistent experience for your customers and one place to make necessary updates. It doesn't matter what device you are on, your Nissan website will provide the same content across all of them.


Q: What is the difference between an Account Advocate and a Digital Marketing Consultant (DMC)? When should I contact them?

A: CDK Account Advocates are your day-to-day contacts for the Dealer Website Program. The Account Advocate will be the primary support for all website and digital advertising optimizations, including, but not limited to: website updates, digital advertising updates (for participating dealers) and SEO updates.

All dealers in the program have access to a Digital Marketing Consultant (also known as a DMC). The DMC serves as an expansion of your Digital Marketing department. Leveraging data insights, DMC's are dedicated to helping you create and convert digital marketing opportunities. Advocates and DMCs are in contact and will team together.

Q: Can I share inventory across websites?

A: Yes, however, if the shared inventory exists at a different location, you must show that location on your Vehicle Search Results page.

Q: Can I make changes to my sites?

A: Yes, you can make changes to your website through the self-service website portal called the Dealer Command Center ( Additionally, with ProCare, your Account Advocate will be there to support any requests.

Q: When is CDK Tech Support available, and how can I contact them?

A: The Nissan Tech Support Team can be reached between 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. (PST) by phone or online via Service Connect.

Q: Will my website come with SEO?

A: Yes, in addition to a robust set of platform “out of the box” SEO features like automated H1 tags and optimizations, your website comes with SEO Essentials Service that includes SEO optimization of the following pages:

  • Home page
  • Service
  • Parts
  • Accessories
  • Model landing pages

More robust SEO services are also available through CDK. Contact your Digital Solutions Manager, or call CDK Sales at 888.424.6342 for more information.

Q: What is the best way to communicate with an Account Advocate?

A: The Account Advocate can be reached by phone or email between 7 a.m.–6 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday (excluding major U.S. Holidays).

For critical requests (or if an Account Advocate is unavailable) CDK Tech Support can be reached between 6 a.m.–6 p.m. Pacific Time online via Service Connect.

Q: Who should I contact about billing-related inquiries?

A: For any billing questions or issues, call 866.510.5103 or email

Q: Who should I contact to purchase additional services or products?

A: You should reach out to your assigned Digital Solutions Manager (DSM). If you do not know who your DSM is, your Account Advocate or DMC will be able to inform you.


Q: Who is responsible for website and advertising compliancy with Nissan Regional Marketing Program (RMP) guidelines?

A: While CDK partners will work to keep your website in line with Nissan RMP guidelines, you are responsible for your compliancy with those Nissan RMP guidelines. If you are concerned that your website is not compliant, we always recommend that you review your website with Ansira.

Q: How and when do I check whether updates to my website are compliant?

A: Any time changes are made to your website, you should submit those changes to Ansira for compliancy approval. To submit for compliancy, email and include the website URL plus a quick description and screenshot of the changes.

Q: What should happen if I receive a notification from Nissan or Ansira about compliancy?

A: Work directly with your ProCare Advocate to determine the best solution for compliancy issues. Upon completion of work, changes should be resubmitted to Ansira for approval. ProCare Account Advocates are not authorized to submit or speak on your behalf to Ansira or Nissan in regard to DMP guidelines.


Q: How long does it take to build a website?

A: The implementation process time can vary as site requirements and customer’s needs vary. On average, the process takes between 30-40 days. Implementation Consultants are assigned and will work with you to craft a plan that works for your needs and timeline.

Q: Who is my contact during the build process?

A: The CDK Implementation Consultant will typically contact you within 5 business days after signing a contract and will continue working with you through the entire process. If you would like additional status updates, feel free to contact your Digital Marketing Consultant or Digital Solutions Manager.

Q: What level of customizations will be included in a website build?

A: CDK will tailor the content and the design of the website to match your preferences and digital marketing strategy.

Q: Can items and pages be copied from my existing site?

A: Yes, most of the time. CDK will work with you to fit desired pages, assets and widgets into the Dealer Website Program platform.

Q: What happens after a website goes live?

A: Once a site is ready to launch, your Implementation Consultant will facilitate a transition to your ProCare Advocate who will be charged with providing ongoing website, marketing strategy and optimization support. You will be in close communication with these partners, and they will help you stay informed throughout the process.

Q: Can I build my own site?

A: As part of the program, CDK has digital experts dedicated to developing and building a website to best meet your needs. After the site is live, you will have access to the Dealer Command Center, a self-service portal that will support ongoing changes to your website.

Platform/Integrations Overview

Q: What integrations are included with the new Nissan Dealer Website Program?

A: The following Nissan integrations are included:

  • Inventory build data
  • Automated OEM incentives
  • Window stickers
  • Tier 1 and 2 site personalization tagging
  • Program pages; CPO, Warranty, AfterSales/Service, Owner
  • Lead routing through Urban Science
  • Inbound/outbound dealer files
  • In-transit vehicles
  • Service scheduling – xTime Partnership
  • Compliant color palettes and fonts
  • New vehicle window stickers
  • Complimentary program pages
Q: What information will be included in the new inventory OEM data feed?

A: The new inventory feed will allow you to automatically receive new inventory information directly from Nissan. For example, trim, vehicle features, package description and exterior color codes will be added to the vehicle search results page when available.

Q: Will your websites receive OEM Incentives?

A: Yes, you will have access to publish offers that come from Nissan. These offers, when activated, will be attached automatically to eligible VINs, allowing you to easily merchandise the best price for each vehicle. As a default, you will have the choice to "opt in" to any OEM incentives you choose to participate in.

Q: What are window stickers?

A: Located on the vehicle details page, shoppers can view a copy of the window sticker that has been added to the vehicle at the dealership.

Q: Which lead forms will be routed through Nissan lead management routing?

A: Quick Quote, Get a Quote, Trade-in Evaluation, Contact Us and EPrice. These particular leads are not part of the Lead Management Certification Program.

Q: Can I use Xtime Service & Parts Scheduler on my website?

A: Yes, as part of the Nissan Dealer Website Program, you will be able to quickly and easily integrate with Xtime Service & Parts Scheduler if you are an Xtime customer.

Q: What Nissan program pages will be available?

A: Websites will include several customizable program pages with content designed to align with Warranty, CPO, After Sales and Service. The pages will help make your life easier by creating a foundation of content for these Nissan programs, while allowing you to customize the information to your store, brand and goals.


Q: Where can I find reporting for my website?

A: Your analytics can be found at the CDK self-service Website portal called Dealer Command Center under the tab titled "Analytics."